About MPPC

About MPPC

Welcome to MPPC! With a 140-year legacy, we are a Bay Area church that loves Jesus. We pursue inside-out spiritual transformation and authentic community with each other so that the whole Bay Area can flourish. Read more about Our Mission and Vision.  

Each weekend you can join us at one of our 11 services--from San Mateo to Menlo Park to Mountain View.  At each location, we offer local programs for children and students, as well as live worship and a warm welcome.  You can find community on our campuses and through churchwide opportunities such as local or global service, retreats, classes and events.

We are a place where many generations interact, share, learn from and bless each other.  And we are on the adventure of being the church together.

Browse our web site for opportunities to learn or volunteer...watch a sermon...or let us know if there's a way we can help you.  We hope you will join us sometime soon.

Baptism at MPPC
Baptism is the church's proclamation and experience that we are who we are because God has first chosen us and loved us and called us into His kingdom.

Prayer at MPPC
We are a Jesus-centered church and prayer is the foundation of all we do.  Learn more about how we can pray for you and how we can pray together.

Spiritual Gifts
The Bible tells us spiritual gifts are given to every believer by God for the common good in doing the work of His Kingdom. They are distributed according to His will, not by some effort on our part. In the Body of Christ, we each have something to contribute.

Our Elders
MPPC is governed by a body of 24 ordained elders who meet weekly for three years, with eight elders rotating on and off each year.  Elders provide wisdom and spiritual leadership.

Our Deacons
Deacons are ordained by the church to embody Christ’s love by demonstrating leadership in serving the sick, the friendless and those in distress, both within and beyond our church family.  Deacons serve three-year terms.

Our Denomination
Learn more about MPPC and its denominational affiliation.

Weddings at MPPC
We believe marriage is a covenant between a woman and a man who, before God, make a lifelong commitment to each other. In our wedding ceremonies, we rejoice that marriage is a gift given by God, blessed by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit.

Memorial Services at MPPC
We gather together in community to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have died, comforting each other in grief, and rejoicing in the promise of eternal life with Jesus.