Compassion Weekend

March 29-30, 2014

THANK YOU so much to over 3,500 volunteers who served during our 9th annual Compassion Weekend. See our recap video below!

On Compassion Weekend, there are no regular worship services. Instead, we invite our friends and neighbors to join us for service projects up and down the Peninsula. This annuaweekend was born out of a dream to see the church increasingly engaged in acts of service in our own communities, we share the love of Jesus in simple, yet powerful ways...and touch the lives of thousands of people in the process.

For many years now, Compassion Weekend has been a vehicle to mobilize thousands of people to make a difference in the Bay Area. The cumulative impact has been great: Houses built, schools renovated, teachers supported, homeless served, children blessed, ministries launched and encouraged. In addition to the measurable results of the work, Compassion Weekend has opened up new relationships between churches, neighbors, schools, and ministries that we would not have thought possible a few years earlier.

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