In the final analysis, it's about love.

-Frank VanderZwan



Welcome to Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and Open Door Churches! We’re glad you are here.

Everybody’s welcome. We are a big church, but one with open doors and open hearts. Anyone seeking God is welcome, regardless of questions, challenges, or past history. We want everyone to be in life-giving relationships with each other. 

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We partner with parents to help children discover and follow Jesus for a lifetime. Our hope and prayer is that every child will know and experience God’s great love.

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Middle School


Middle school is a time when kids make important decisions about who they are and what they believe. Middle School ministry is a place where every middle school kid can connect to great friends in a community, connect to fun and energetic leaders, and connect to Jesus.

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High School


These are busy years, full of changes and transitions. We want every student to have a place to feel completely accepted and yet challenged, to experience fellowship and community, to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and to be empowered to use their gifts.

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Join a volunteer team and get connected! Something amazing happens when God’s people serve. Whether you want to welcome guests, work with kids, or pray for someone, there is a place to serve and use your gifts. And you'll have fun doing it together.

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