Family Life Ministries

Welcome to Family Life Ministries! Our goal for families is to share the love of Christ with children and students and lead them to a lifelong commitment to follow Jesus.  Research shows that students need adults walking alongside them in their faith. We desire to collaborate with parents to raise kids in the church together as one congregation. Family Life includes the Children's, Middle School, and High School ministries at MPPC.

We know that every family is different, and we each come with our own sets of strengths and challenges. We hope you will discover at MPPC that there is a place for your family to connect with others who want to nurture a life of faith for their families regardless of differences in family size, structure, or situation.

Children hold a very special place in God's kingdom. We believe the most essential aspect of a child's life is a relationship with Jesus. By making weekly worship a family priority, you impart to children the vital importance of orienting their lives around Jesus. Worship is not just another "thing to do;" it is the most important thing you can do for your kids.

These are busy years, full of changes and transitions. We want every student to have a place to feel completely accepted and yet challenged, to experience fellowship and community, to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and to be empowered to use their gifts.  Our ministry centers around small groups, where students can freely explore and own their faith.