Friendship Visitation

The Friendship Visitation Ministry is an outreach program that offers opportunities for relational support and prayer for members and friends of MPPC, most of whom are either temporarily or permanently unable to participate in the regular services and activities of the church.

Our Friendship Visitors are MPPC members and regular attenders whose mission is to provide Christian friendship and care through the one-to-one relationship established between the Friendship Visitor and the parishioner in need.



Our mission is:

  • To make the love of Jesus Christ real and tangible to the person visited.
  • To demonstrate that each person is uniquely created by God, included in God’s plan of redemption and worthy of God’s loving care.
  • To offer the gift of God’s grace and love in human form.
  • To sustain a relationship through weekly visits with those who look to the church as a foundation for support in time of need and/or limited activity.
  • To make visible the loving fellowship which God provides through the church and His people.

If you know someone who would benefit from a weekly Christian visitor through our Friendship Visitation ministry, contact us at 650.323.8696 or email us.

Interested in becoming a Friendship Visitor? Find out more.

One-on-One Support