Stephen Ministry

Our Stephen Ministry program equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian, one-to-one caring support and encouragement to anyone in our congregation or community who is going through a difficult time, a transition or crisis, and is in need of support from a Christian friend.

"Love one another ... as I have loved you." John 13:34



How to Request a Stephen Minister

If you are dealing with any of the following challenges in your life, please contact us so that we can help:

  • Hospitalized
  • Terminally ill and their families
  • Moving into or out of our community
  • Grieving a death or serious loss
  • Homebound and institutionalized
  • Prisoners, ex-offenders and their families
  • In job crisis
  • Aging and elderly
  • Disabled (and their families)
  • Needing the support of a Christian friend
  • Facing life transitions
  • Separated or divorced
  • Experiencing birth or adoption
  • In spiritual crisis

"Encourage one another and build one another up." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Contact our Stephen Ministry



John Ortberg Interview

Amity Haugk – daughter of Stephen Ministry founder Kenneth C. Haugk -- recently visited Menlo Park Presbyterian Church to learn more about Stephen Ministry in Menlo Park. Highlights of her interview with Senior Pastor John Ortberg are available at this link.


"One Sunday morning, I heard John say that the Stephen Ministers and the deacons are "the glue that holds the church together.” Of the top 10 issues people ask for a Stephen Minister, I have been through all of them. I know that God uses these things for good, so I was trained as a Stephen Minister. While in training, I went through a very dark period in my life and Stephen Ministry was the only thing that made sense to me -- it has been like God's beacon of light to me."

E.M. – Stephen Minister (class of 2012)

"I served as a summer missionary for three summers, and I worked full-time in the ministry for a few years upon my graduation. Although my professional life took a turn and flourished in the business world, my heart has always sought an outlet for ministry, and serving at some level has been pretty constant in my life. I came to see that counseling people was a spiritual gift of mine, and the Stephen Ministry is the perfect outlet for that (although the approach is quite different from the more direct approach that I have often used.) I am learning new skills to help people by being with them in their suffering. It is a healing and compassionate practice that does not involve fixing every problem, but rather being present and supportive, and doing a lot more listening than talking."
S.L. - Stephen Minister (class of 2012)

"Stephen Ministry training has brought me to a stronger connection with God. Stephen Ministry has given me a greater understanding of what it means to minister to someone. In order to be an effective Stephen minister, you have to remember that God is actually the one doing the work, and if you can stay in that, it brings you to a deeper connection with God. I have to remember that God is working through me in whatever manner He chooses. God has shown me that he is the Curegiver."
M.M. - Stephen Minister (class of 2012)

"My Stephen Minister gave me the wonderful gift of always listening to what I had to say. And she listened to me in a non-judgmental way. She always prayed with me which helped me deal with several stressful situations in my family. Now I have a life-long friend. She has been a real blessing in my life."
Care Receiver

"I am writing today to let you know what a blessing the Steven Ministry has been, and especially credit goes to the above and beyond by my Stephen Minister. He managed to help me through some very difficult times that otherwise, I most likely would not have gotten through. With his continued love and prayer, I have successfully managed a recovery.  It is clear to me his love for the Lord is great, and I feel like I got the benefits from his continued prayer and guidance. I want you to know what a blessing this program has been to me."
Care Receiver

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