Worship Arts

We are committed to inviting people in the Bay Area into an authentic encounter and compelling conversation with God by offering our best gifts of artistic expression, powerful prayer and transformational teaching, creating innovative environments where individuals can respond to God in community!

Arts of the Covenant
We explore the intersection of Christian faith and the visual arts. Emerging and professional artists, art teachers, and art therapists gather monthly for intellectual stimulation, spiritual nourishment, artistic development, and the opportunity to use art in ministry.

Adult Choirs  

Worship Bands and Orchestral Groups
We have volunteer teams of musicians who help lead worship at all our campuses.  These gifted artists create an environment, tailored for each community, to usher you into the presence of God.  

Music Store
The MPPC worship experience has long been a strong testament to God's gift of music. Over the years, we have been blessed with many talented artists, who have shared this gift with us each weekend. We are pleased to offer the CD selections for your personal enjoyment.

MPPC's Worship Team Values

  • A culture of authenticity, excellence, integrity, openness and unity.
  • Focusing on the heart of worship, not just the art of worship - strategically ministering out of the overflow of our personal relationship with God.
  • Equipping and training individuals with a passion to use their gifts to glorify God and lead others into His presence.
  • Remaining future-focused, not afraid of change, new and different, creatively approaching the worship experience weekly.
  • Innovation...it is EVERYONE’S job!

Opportunities to Serve