Recommend a Deacon

Do you know a spiritually mature, compassionate person who might be a good Deacon?

The Church-wide Nominating Committee is looking for your recommendations of qualified candidates to serve as Deacons. As a part of our MPPC/ODC congregation, your input is vital to the selection of our leaders. You can also nominate yourself.  


What is the Deacon Ministry? Deacons provide a caring, compassionate response to the needs of our congregation and our surrounding communities in:

· Church Life: They know MPPC's vision, strategy and ministries; they can inform and guide newcomers and long-time attendees.
· Care: They embody congregational care at their venue in coordination with the venue pastor and Deacon Coordinator.
· Community: Deacons at each venue are their own community, and also support their venue pastor in building community. This may include planning events and serving at them.

Training is provided!

Qualifications for Deacons

· Spiritually mature relationship with Jesus Christ

· MPPC member (by start of term)

· Compassion for others with a heart to serve, taking joy in being of help

· Emotionally centered with the resources (internal and external) to cope with whatever is going on for them

What do Deacons do?

· Short-term help and support (primarily for those not currently in a small group)

o Prayer (via phone, email or in-person)

o Visiting the homebound or hospital patients

o Provide rides for medical appointments

o Provide meals for those momentarily needing such help

o Other short-term helps

· Answer questions, refer attendees to venue ministries (typically on Sundays)

· Serve communionz


2013 Nominating Committee
Collin Park, chair
Bill Eberwein, vice-chair
Dick Desautel
Kathleen Dore
Ninette Hereford
Leslie King
Simon  Mawer
Nancy Rosa
Beth Seabolt
Justin Smith