We all get stuck.  It might be a habit, a circumstance, an addiction, a relationship or financial pattern or emotional cycle.  But we were made to be free, to grow.  God is in the unsticking business. He moves us into freedom and strength.

-John Ortberg

The Bay Area


Every follower of Jesus has a role in God’s life-changing work all around us, right where we live and work. Missions is more than simply writing a check or signing up for another church activity; it is about becoming a person who is meaningfully engaged in the community as a follower of Jesus.

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The World


Spiritual need. Extreme poverty. Human trafficking. Lack of educational opportunity. Disasters. War. We don’t need to look far to see the brokenness and pain in the world today.

We believe God continues to work actively and that He calls EVERY follower of Jesus to be part of his redemptive, life-changing work. Join with us and discover how faith, even the size of a mustard seed, can move mountains.