Current Session Elders

MPPC has been governed by a body of 24 ordained elders who meet weekly for three years, with eight elders rotating on and off each year. Elders provide wisdom and spiritual leadership.

The church is now inviting the congregation to recommend elder candidates for election at the upcoming Fall 2014 congregational meeting. MPPC revised its bylaws on June 1, 2014, as part of joining ECO and for greater ministry impact. The current Session (24 elders plus ordained staff) is overseeing a transition process this year under the new bylaws to a Session of nine elders plus the senior pastor: 

  • Session has elected a Nominating Advisory Committee(NAC), comprised of three current elders and four members of the church not currently on Session: Chairs Bill Hooper and Kathy Welsh, Ashley Callahan, Kristin Geiser, Hardwin Mead, Teri O'Neel, and Allen PhippsThis team will prayerfully evaluate potential elder candidates recommended by the congregation, based on the role and responsibilities outlined in the church’s bylaws. Members of the NAC are ineligible for elder candidacy the year they serve on the committee.
  • The current Session will prayerfully consider each candidate recommended by the NAC in light of the needs of the session and will present the final nominated elders to the congregation for their approval. Because this is a transition year, the nine elders will be elected to terms of one-, two-, three-, and four-years. In future years, elders will serve four-year terms and may serve for up to two consecutive terms at a time. To provide continuity, five to six of the nine positions will be filled with members of the current Session.
  • The congregation will vote on the 9 candidates individually at MPPC’s annual congregational meeting in the fall.

For more information and to nominate someone to be an elder, CLICK HERE. (Deadline for nominations is July 21, 2014.)

Current Session Elders 2013-14

John Blaha
Tom Cappels

Ashley Callahan
Jake Chacko
John Cromie

Michael Dittmar
Phil Durden
Marge Goody
Jamie Hale
Bill Hooper
Brad Johanson
Carol Johnson
Craig Kammerer
David Kim
Frank Marsh
Murray McLachlan
Mark Moser
Ken Perez
Johan Pirot
Barb Recine

Karen Skidmore

Alex Wang
Kathy Welsh

Carol Carnevale, Clerk of Session

Contact Session:  [email protected]